Thursday, August 19, 2010

To simply Trust ...

i have been a bit checked out lately
to say the least ...
it just seems sometimes that there are a million other things that seem
to need my attention

and then ...
it starts...
the doubting...
the whole maybe this isn't the best time in my life to be blogging...
to be trying to get myself out there...
 trying to get things rolling...
maybe i just need to be a mama right now
maybe i just need to focus on being a wife
focus on my family

i mean...
i have three kids under the age of 6
one who happens to be starting Kindergarten next week
i have a husband who is set to deploy in late October...
i have a mother-in-law coming in two weeks
a bff arriving two weeks after that...
trying to set a date for a fall show
i have a ever growing pile of laundry...
we still need school supplies
a one year old who suddenly thinks it is cute to stand in her high chair
did i mention the deployment ...

but then the other night
my husband said to me ... listen to this beautiful,
 simple verse i just read ...

HERE I AM ... Exodus 3:1-3

yep... those three words spoke volumes to me
you see in spite all this going on ...
right here
i am not alone
i am not doing it on my own...

i can do all things through Christ who gives me strengh... Philippians 4:13

i just need to figure out how to make all of these things work together
motherhood... being a wife...a homemaker...
a girlfriend... and yet still have something that is just for me.

and that is what gatherings is to me..
it is my escape
a beautiful little  piece that is only mine

so today i ask that you bare with me...
bare with me as i try to discover how to make this all work ...
and bare with me as i attempt to feed my one year old child who refuses to sit in her high chair from a small child's table ...
 a table that happens to be sitting very close to a white couch
maybe i should re think this whole white love affair...


  1. Please continue to make time for your blog. Your words inspire me. And make me feel closer to you. And instead of making me miss my friend, I feel as if she is here. Writing. Just to me.

  2. you are simply amazing! what beautiful honesty and faith you have! you do it all well and i am so proud to know you wonder woman ;)

  3. my new-found friend, i agree with libba. all in time, there will be the time for everything you find passion for. take a deep breath.

  4. If you quit writing I will come to your house and dump Ezzie's spaghettio's on your white couch! AND I MEAN IT!!! I LOVE YOU SIS....HERE I AM!!! 3 words...Love it!

  5. Kate, Here WE are!! Your followers. Some of us friends. Some of us just readers. Some family. Some passerbys. But...HERE WE ARE! You inspire us....let our presence inspire you and help you find your way...a way to balance.

  6. I am here whenever you need me! Your is the first blog I check every morning and I love it!
    Remember: Philippians 4:13

  7. Kate, I teared up on this one.
    With everything going on and seeming like SO much, it's good to get the reminder that things are just as they should be.

  8. Kate, I really just love you. And I'll watch your babies whike you go dumpster diving!