Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Club ...

tonight i am hosting my Cooking Club

it is anywhere from 6 to 12 women who get together
once a month
we pick a theme ...
tonight is


we take turns at each other's homes
each one of us getting a chance to host

we each bring a dish that includes our theme
we talk about our dish
we laugh
we eat
we drink wine
we top off the night with coffee

so many different women ...
a writer, one who loves to bake, one who just went through a divorce,
one who has a child with cancer, one who just lost her sister, one who
just had a baby, one who is about to have a baby, one who always brings pizza
no matter the theme, one who only brings wine because she can
not cook , one who just moved to California
 ... yes this is my group.
and i love them

it is something that i look forward to every month

and tonight i get to host

so excited ...

photos tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Choices ...

yesterday i made a decision ...

and let me tell you it was a tough one

you see i got offered an amazing opportunity ...
a fabulous decorating opportunity
one that i have been waiting for
one that some perhaps maybe dream of

but the thing is
is that it also was time consuming
and needed to be done within the next month or so

and even though
i so wanted this
it just isn't the right time

so i made a decision ...
after days of going back and forth
and praying
it became so clear ...

now is not the time

now is the time to focus on my family
now is the time to spend every moment i can with my husband
now is the time to get me together before
i am on my own

yes ... i have made a decision

one of my favorite scriptures is ...

... let your yes be yes and your no be no
Matthew 5.37

you see i knew in my heart way back when i was asked to
do this ... that i should say no
there is just way to much going on now
my husband's deployment, projects we need to do around the house
before he goes, spend time with the kids
but i got excited
i got really excited at the thought of this opportunity
and what it may lead to ...
but deep down ... i knew

and now this morning i realized
you see that is God
that tugging inside... that feeling deep down...
he is attempting to make my path straight
and yet i am trying to do my own thing
not HIS

because when it is HIS plan ... i always know... there is no tugging
there is no hesitation
when it is HIS plan i am amazed at how doors open

yes... this morning i made a decision

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chalk it up ...

i am
a lover of chalkboard paint

ooooo yes ...
i love me some chalkboard painted things

walls ... tables ...

actually a couple of years ago my husband
had to pull the plug on the whole chalkboard thing ...
he thought... ahem...
that i was getting a wee bit carried away

you see i became a bit addicted to the whole chalkboard look

at one point we had our kitchen done... hallway done...
a wall in Sib's room done... basement wall done ...
and i was about to paint the wall next to the toilet in the bathroom
when the ax came down

i know right? how fun would have that been ...

soooo ... i gave in and over the past few years
i have slowly weened myself
now we just have the hallway upstairs

but i love these photos ...

oooo and if you want to have the fun of chalkboard paint
but not the black or green color ...
go here and check out Martha's recipe for
chalkboard paint using any wall color you have laying around
(scroll down to bottom )

it is a good thing!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

just a little time ...

i love this chandelier

and how simple ...

just a grapevine wreath that you can pick up at any
wal-mart for a few dollars

decorated with leaves etc ...
a few tea lights tucked into some hollowed out
mini pumpkins ...
and run a sturdy twine or wire through to hang

perfect from a low tree branch or  from a hook on your
porch ceiling

even the tea lights in the window ... love love love

ooh fall ... i am so glad you have arrived!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mama said there would be days like this...

it has been awhile ...
actually it has been so long that this morning
when i tried to log on to my blogger account it asked me for my password
and ...
those of you who know me
know i am not a write things down type of gal
so to be honest
i could not remember it

i was trying everything i could think of
and then... finally...
it opened up
and now i still do not remember what i put in

i have been catching up on things
around here these past couple weeks

decorating the house
decorating other people's houses

lots going on here in the Ford house
but i promise to be back tomorrow ...
have i said this before?
i m feeling a little bit like i have posted this before ...
most likely i have

until tomorrow my friends ...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Coming down from the high ...

a look at this past weekend ...

Sunday night was my fall show ...

the porch was packed full ...
it was the most perfect night 

a huge THANK YOU to all of you who stopped by

next week i will post some things that i have left over ...
just a few things that are too pretty to be packed away

have a great weekend everyone!