Wednesday, September 22, 2010

only days left ...

we are entering the final countdown ...

it is a bit crazy here today ...

lots to get done before my fall show on Sunday


i have ...
a child who did not sleep well at all last night

another child who is getting in some molars

a child who insisted on wearing yellow snow boots to school today
again ...

a dishwasher that will not drain ...


to be honest ...
there is a bit of excitement in the air in this house
because only 4 days left til my husband gets back
from being gone for two weeks


as you can imagine ... the kids are beyond ready
to not only get a break from mama ... i'm sure ...
but to see their dad

and me?
 yes ... i am beyond ready to get a little tiny break
from them as well

hope you have a great Wednesday!

p.s  ... i am so excited about the things at the show this year

p.s.s ... i have decided to have it on the porch ... my show
 is a bit smaller than i usually do but it will packed full with
amazing things!

p.s.s.s ... be sure and swing by!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Come on over ...

only 5 more days ....

til gatherings fall show...

sunday September 26th
6-8 pm

1824 bever ave se

spread the word!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We are family ...

today ...
i am spending the day getting the house ready

because tomorrow ...
my favorite ladies are coming to stay

they are funny
they are creative
they are the kind that just make you feel loved

we will sit and chat
look at magazines
have some wine
eat yummy naughty foods
play with the kids
go hit up the thrift stores
and just simply
be together ...

a perfect weekend .

hope yours is just as great!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Love ...

this morning ...
i am missing my husband

you see he is at a two week training camp
with the national guard ...

and it hasn't even been a week yet


and to be honest ...
the whole deployment thing is really starting to set in

November 27th he will be deployed
to southern Iraq

and i know without a doubt that we will be fine
i trust that God is in control
i know that no matter what may come
he will see us through
i believe that all of this is not even about us ... but about glorifying him
in some way

but the hard part...
the part that makes my heart ache ...
is the missing of him
i just simply miss him


and he has not even gone yet...
well he is gone...
but you know
not gone as in gone deployed gone

and it's not just me
but the kids ...

the kids who ask everyday ... usually three times a day
when is dad coming home?
and yesterday morning when i told Sib in 10 days
he said...

mama that is FOREVER.


and i just kept thinking
he hasn't even been deployed yet

i'm sorry... i'm having a moment
you probably logged on here to here the music or see some
beautiful inspiring photos
and here you find me venting...

so this morning i find myself repeating the words
of my dad...

one day at a time
one day at a time

and today ... i just miss him.

1 peter 5:7 cast all your anxieties onto me for i will give them rest


Nothing says fall like ...

today ...
 there is only a half day of school

so i am thinking ...

that today ...
yep today just might be


Carmel apple making kind of day!

enjoy your day!

( photo from suzie breeze)

Monday, September 13, 2010

You are invited ...

it is time ..


Gatherings fall show
sunday September 26th

( sorry no early birds please )

1824 bever ave se
cedar rapids ia

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome back my love ...

this past weekend
we took the whole family to
our favorite little apple orchard

i never get too excited about the apples

but the pumpkins...
well now the pumpkins ... they can change my whole day

I am a pumpkin lover

yep a lover of all pumpkins

oooo the white ones ...
and the perfectly imperfect Cinderella ones ...
 the tiny itty bitty baby ones ...
i love them all

this year ...
and i know this will be a shocker for you all ...

i think i'm just going to stick to the white ones
yep ...
white pumpkins everywhere
well maybe a couple of ...

the long island cheese ones ...
did you know that is their name?

i just love their muted color...

oooo fall ...
i am so glad you are here
you have been missed!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Addiction ...

so ...
 it has happened
yep ...
finally happened
i got a supplier
a supplier
you know for my addiction ...

he has unlimited quantity ...
he has other connections if I need more
he lives in a beautiful house ...
he has acres and acres of land ...
his name is George
has no idea just how much I am going to knock on his door
no idea

because like i said ... i have an addiction

to creating beautiful things
out of gatherings

like grapevine ...
and curly willow...

yep George and I are going to be spending
a lot of time together

this is a beautiful thing!

p.s ... winner of the pumpkin is Stephanie!
email me your info and i will get it sent out to you
have a great day!