Friday, August 6, 2010

Sisters ...

these past few days ...
i have been hanging with my sister

laughing ... decorating ... re-arranging

back before i had kids ...
my sister and i lived only about 20 minutes away

there were so many nights of staying up late ...
trying to be quiet so we wouldn't wake her sleeping family
as we attempted to do a ' while you were sleeping ' on her husband
yep... we would make our pot of coffee and stay up into the wee
hours painting ... re-arranging and laughing ...

and you see... her husband ... well ...
he was a smart one
he learned a long time ago
to just smile and agree
because... he also learned a long time ago
that in a month it would be different anyways ...

today i miss my sisters ...

Hope your weekend is great!


* i'm thinking next week perhaps another giveaway!


  1. Loving my new living room and kitchen thanks to GATHERINGS BY KATE! What a gift my sis has to take what I already have and make it look new, different, unique...pottery barn!!! And, wanting more of our late night coffee, laughter and new rooms soon!!! Come back my sis!!!!

  2. PS...I am loving the chimney in that kitchen...can that be our next project in my house???? :)

  3. and the entry way for my mud room...and the blue/white bathroom...oh...are you sure you can't move to Pella for the year?????????????

  4. Can't stop looking at these pictures...once again, you have inspired me!!!!!!

  5. sisters are the best!

  6. LOVE the pictures in this post, Kate. Just gorgeous. Also, what a wonderful tribute to sisters. You make me miss my own today.

  7. you are simply amazing...miss you my bff. love the pics!! when did you do all those?? =)