Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Phone Call ...

yesterday as i was playing barbies
 on the front porch with my 3 year old...
just after i had dropped my new kindergartner off at school

 i got a phone call from my bff

she is ...
a fellow junker,
a lover of all things shabby,
a mama of two,
the one who would bravely go to the thrift stores with me
when shopping at thrift stores wasn't so cool to do ...
mind you we were 18
and working at a major retail store
a store where during the day we tried to convince people
that yes ... spending 115 bucks on a pair of jeans
was worth it ...
while meanwhile after we got off our shift
we would go find them for 4 bucks at the thrift store
yep ...
she in so many words 'just gets it'
i found out yesterday she is coming to visit !!!
i am beyond excited!

p.s  ... i promised a give away this week
tune in tomorrow to see what the prize is ...

p.s.s  ... i have been thinking of having a small fall show late September
still pinning down a date ... details coming soon!


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  2. This is good thing my mama is here and unlike me
    good thing she tends to finish things until completed.
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