Wednesday, September 28, 2011

35 and some goals ...

this past weekend
i turned
... gulp ...


yes ... i am now officially in my mid thirties

and I am ... okay with that.

but i was thinking last night of a few good goals ...
a few things i wanna become better at ... 
a few things that i want to focus more on ...

1. take more pictures
2. maybe give Pilate's a try
3. save my pennies for the beach
4. learn to sew
5. family comes first ALWAYS
6. write more letters
7.  HE must become greater ... i must become less John 3:30
8. read more
9. tell those who i love in my life why i love them in my life
10. God... others ... myself - in that order
11. be a better listener
12. when a friend stops over ... stop what i am doing and just enjoy the conversation
13. Answer all phone calls ... exp. from friends and family... never hit ignore
... gulp ...
i mean not that i ever do ... hit ignore ... gulp ...
14. Be still and know that HE is God
15. allow myself to be more in the moment
16. let my light shine
17.  tackle something new ... for instance today that would be replacing the whole inner part of my upstairs toilet... gulp ... good thing my mama is here and unlike me
good thing she tends to finish things until completed.
18. finish more projects that i start... er ... or maybe just finish the ones i have already started.
19. start each day in the word
20. just simply ... love.


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