Monday, September 19, 2011

All in a name ...

i am in love with something i have been working on

it's a piece for my own home
a piece that is so personal ... so emotional for me

you see i believe that ...
 sometimes decorating your home does not mean
to fill it with items you have purchased
or items that hold no meaning

too often i feel you walk into someones home and you have no idea who they are

you get no view into the person who actually lives there
what their interests are ... where they came from... what they enjoy
and i am a big believer
in that your home ... well it should tell your story

your home should be made and not bought

a home needs to reflect your heart ... your loves...

and well this piece ...

a beautiful copy of my father's third grade

cursive handwriting skills

which also includes the month i was born

yes ...

this piece speaks my heart


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