Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to Class ...

Learning to sew ... take 2

i have my second sewing class tonight
with my new bff's  Carissa and Ramona at the Shop Next Door

if you have never been ...
you need to stop by their shop
you can do it here ...
they have this amazing talent for re-purposing vintage pieces
and the most beautiful hand made jewelry
i somehow ... never seem to walk out without something
and the girls... Carissa and Ramona are a hoot...
you will fall in love with them
like i did
and then you will start calling them your new bff's
even though they have never actually claimed that they are...

anyways ..

oooo  the winner of the give away
 is Megan from Prairie Girl Gardening!

i did it the old fashioned way...
yep all names on paper in a bowl.
Megan email me your info !


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