Monday, December 6, 2010

a project ...

the ball wreath

it is amazing how with a little time
you can make the perfect gift

i had vintage old ornaments that i had found at local
thrift store ...

and i attached them to a bended wire hanger

you can get step by step directions here

it takes a little time ..

but it is ...

the perfect project while watching that horrible reality t.v
that you love ... but hate to admit to loving


you will be thrilled when you are done

have a great day keeping warm


  1. My name is Libba. And I am a reality TV junkie. Anything with Housewives in the title and I am a goner.

    P.S. Love you and LOVE that wreath!

  2. is that for me... because I LOVE IT!

  3. that is great! i would love that on my front door =) nice work!

  4. Sometimes I stop by the blog just to listen to the music and think about how great you are <3