Tuesday, December 14, 2010

eight ...

8 days ...

in just eight days i will be ...

standing in the airport waiting to run into the arms
of my husband

in just eight days ...

i will finally take a break from hearing
mama when is dad coming home

in just eight days ...
i will stand before the love of my life
and i will ...


yes ... my husband gets to come to Iowa for 4 days
for Christmas

we are celebrating at my parent's house
so he actually won't be home as in our house
but ...

i'm okay with that


because you see then ... he won't notice the half started projects


the half painted bedroom furniture
the half painted walls
 the white slip covers on not only the couch
( which we already had)
but now they are also on the chairs ...
 the white painted steps ...

yes... it will be just fine at my parent's house
just fine


p.s ... honey if you are reading this i love you! reallllllly love you!