Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful ...

 i am thankful ...

for HIS grace that has saved me through faith ...

my husband ... who makes me see life in rosy hues

my children

my father ... who always speaks words of truth

my mama ... who just always ' knows '... without me using many words
what my soul needs

my sisters ... my bff's

my brother ... for moving home so we can all be surrounded by him

my besties ... who just 'get it'

our home

white paint


and it could go on and on ...


1 comment:

  1. i am thankful for you my little sister! i am thankful for your choice in music.. what a great gift to listen to these beautiful songs picked by you.. i feel you are in my house with me as i listen to this.. i love you my sister i love your purity, i love your generousity, i love how you give YOU nothing more nothing less, i love how you know exactly where to place the perfect pillow, or chalkboard or letter, i love your obedience to our FATHER and the faith & perseverence you show daily, i love your smile, your laugh, your ease... i am thankful for you and miss you today this Thanksgiving!