Friday, November 26, 2010

it is Time ...

the time has come ...

tonight after the kids say goodbye and goodnight
to their dad
i will drive him to Davenport


this whole deployment cloud that we have been living
under since last year will finally ...
be moving along

we have had this whole last week together ...
playing, doing family things, laughing, crying
and now ...
well we both agree
now it is just time... and we are *gulp* ready

we have had our talks with the kids...
i have been instructed on how to manage the bills...
we have our skype ready

let it begin ...

but my heart ... well now my heart that is awhole other thing
my heart aches already

i will miss my best friend
i will miss getting lost in his arms
i will miss him walking through the door
i will just simply ... miss him


i know this ...

it is what it is and today... i am choosing to TRUST
choosing to OBEY
choosing to keep running forward in FAITH
without knowing ...

one day at a time
one day at a time

Joshua 1:19
have i not commanded you ...
be courageous... do not be terrified ... do not be discouraged
for the Lord you God will be with you
wherever you go!

yes ... my soul finds rest in God alone ... Psalm 62:1



  1. Oh Kate...I love you so much! My heart aches with and for you! No other words...

  2. words here the midst of this your words are so beautiful..i ache for you and brian and the kids.. its that feeling in your stomach you get when you wish there was more you could do but u know there isnt... when we are weak HE is strong... love you

  3. Kate.......the only thing to say is Trust in the Lord to give each of you strength...He will be there with you,,,,,,,never forget. I love you all so very much,,,xoxox

  4. In our prayers every day...but especially today. Know that you are loved.

  5. I just came upon your beautiful blog today. I will uphold your family in my prayers. Where will your husband be stationed? May God hold your family in the palm of His hand.

  6. This just made me cry for about 10 min. I've said it before but I just can not even imagine what you're feeling right now. Good thing you are such a strong woman/mom/wife. Thinking about the Ford family everyday. Love you guys terribly! xoxoxo

  7. So after wiping away the tears so I could actually write this...You, my dear Kate, are such an inspiration. I think of you everyday and know that with your strength and faith in our dear lord that this year will fly by and you will be reconnected, refreshed and renewed. Today and everyday i say a prayer for you all to be okay and I know you are.....I love ya!! AG