Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Club ...

tonight i am hosting my Cooking Club

it is anywhere from 6 to 12 women who get together
once a month
we pick a theme ...
tonight is


we take turns at each other's homes
each one of us getting a chance to host

we each bring a dish that includes our theme
we talk about our dish
we laugh
we eat
we drink wine
we top off the night with coffee

so many different women ...
a writer, one who loves to bake, one who just went through a divorce,
one who has a child with cancer, one who just lost her sister, one who
just had a baby, one who is about to have a baby, one who always brings pizza
no matter the theme, one who only brings wine because she can
not cook , one who just moved to California
 ... yes this is my group.
and i love them

it is something that i look forward to every month

and tonight i get to host

so excited ...

photos tomorrow!