Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Choices ...

yesterday i made a decision ...

and let me tell you it was a tough one

you see i got offered an amazing opportunity ...
a fabulous decorating opportunity
one that i have been waiting for
one that some perhaps maybe dream of

but the thing is
is that it also was time consuming
and needed to be done within the next month or so

and even though
i so wanted this
it just isn't the right time

so i made a decision ...
after days of going back and forth
and praying
it became so clear ...

now is not the time

now is the time to focus on my family
now is the time to spend every moment i can with my husband
now is the time to get me together before
i am on my own

yes ... i have made a decision

one of my favorite scriptures is ...

... let your yes be yes and your no be no
Matthew 5.37

you see i knew in my heart way back when i was asked to
do this ... that i should say no
there is just way to much going on now
my husband's deployment, projects we need to do around the house
before he goes, spend time with the kids
but i got excited
i got really excited at the thought of this opportunity
and what it may lead to ...
but deep down ... i knew

and now this morning i realized
you see that is God
that tugging inside... that feeling deep down...
he is attempting to make my path straight
and yet i am trying to do my own thing
not HIS

because when it is HIS plan ... i always know... there is no tugging
there is no hesitation
when it is HIS plan i am amazed at how doors open

yes... this morning i made a decision


  1. You are very talented Kate...other doors will open with the time is right <3

  2. These are just the words I needed today...as if God was speaking RIGHT through you to me! I love you sis....COME SEE ME!!!! Iwant some Ford kids' lovin'!!!

  3. Do u not think maybe this opportunity has helped to give u the strength u need right now to begin this new temporary way of life. You now know u can go forward and be that wonderful mother, sister, neice, and friend that you are. Your talants have been discovered - they know where u r. You have been sought after and how amazing to feel such confidence over this wonderful invitation!!!!!!!! You can only excel and he is standing w/you guiding you every bit of the way - you are his inspiration. I love u kate and I smile when I think of your whimsical children and their jolly smiles, u r blessed.

  4. wow.....you are truly an inspiration Kate Ford. I know how much you were looking forward to this opportunity but you are right, now is not the time and I know that God has a plan for you and it is a BIG one, maybe not this amazing opportunity but something even more amazing. You're talent will be put to very good use and there will be another opportunity down the road to let your creativity shine but for now you need to focus on you and the huge "project" that lies before you in the upcoming months. I love you, you are an amazing woman. God bless my love! ag

  5. I have a tough time when I am only listening to my own voice. It makes it hard to hear God's if I don't quiet down my own chatter. Thinking of you..

  6. Thanks for sharing this piece of scripture with us today! So few words, however applicable to all of us...everyday.

    Your talents shine through this page, although bright, are just a glimpse that we get into your art. The door will open again. That's always part of Gods plan.