Wednesday, September 22, 2010

only days left ...

we are entering the final countdown ...

it is a bit crazy here today ...

lots to get done before my fall show on Sunday


i have ...
a child who did not sleep well at all last night

another child who is getting in some molars

a child who insisted on wearing yellow snow boots to school today
again ...

a dishwasher that will not drain ...


to be honest ...
there is a bit of excitement in the air in this house
because only 4 days left til my husband gets back
from being gone for two weeks


as you can imagine ... the kids are beyond ready
to not only get a break from mama ... i'm sure ...
but to see their dad

and me?
 yes ... i am beyond ready to get a little tiny break
from them as well

hope you have a great Wednesday!

p.s  ... i am so excited about the things at the show this year

p.s.s ... i have decided to have it on the porch ... my show
 is a bit smaller than i usually do but it will packed full with
amazing things!

p.s.s.s ... be sure and swing by!


  1. you're doing great. hang in there busy lady. sure wish i could 'stop' by your show =) very excited for your reunion with your hubby. have a great wednesday as well.

  2. Oh! Can't wait until Sunday! See you then.

  3. I love you sis! Yellow boots are the new black right??? :)

  4. My thoughts r w/u today and anticipate a great show - think of me there on the porch w/u - love u kate,,,,,,,,,,xoxox