Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Love ...

this morning ...
i am missing my husband

you see he is at a two week training camp
with the national guard ...

and it hasn't even been a week yet


and to be honest ...
the whole deployment thing is really starting to set in

November 27th he will be deployed
to southern Iraq

and i know without a doubt that we will be fine
i trust that God is in control
i know that no matter what may come
he will see us through
i believe that all of this is not even about us ... but about glorifying him
in some way

but the hard part...
the part that makes my heart ache ...
is the missing of him
i just simply miss him


and he has not even gone yet...
well he is gone...
but you know
not gone as in gone deployed gone

and it's not just me
but the kids ...

the kids who ask everyday ... usually three times a day
when is dad coming home?
and yesterday morning when i told Sib in 10 days
he said...

mama that is FOREVER.


and i just kept thinking
he hasn't even been deployed yet

i'm sorry... i'm having a moment
you probably logged on here to here the music or see some
beautiful inspiring photos
and here you find me venting...

so this morning i find myself repeating the words
of my dad...

one day at a time
one day at a time

and today ... i just miss him.

1 peter 5:7 cast all your anxieties onto me for i will give them rest



  1. You are allowed these moments, Kate! I miss my husband while I'm work, even though I know that I will get to see him at the end of the day. He is your best friend and soul mate, it is only natural that you would feel his absence. I miss you so much!

  2. Dear Sweet Kate,

    Even your moments of sadness are inspiring...We all love you (both) and will help as much as you need/want in his absence.

    Love you!