Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Art of Sewing ...

... It destroys the craft
not to learn it

-  An Irish Saying

last month i had my first sewing lesson

it was at a little place called The Shop Next Door

and it is the most perfect little place...

Re-constructed vintage pieces, beautiful hand-made jewelry all created by local artists

yes.. it is the most perfect little place

the class was just a few women ...

but what i loved most... was that we were six women coming together
 in a simple atmosphere... to learn the art of sewing
from other women

i love the idea of women encouraging other women to become better...
the idea of sharing your gifts...your talent ... your knowledge to inspire others.


and our instructors... let me just say... I LOVE THEM.

Ramona and Carissa... the girls who run the shop... are so inspiring

they have this amazing unashamed style ...

and their personalities are infectious

you know the girl who you see that just has this way about her...

not only is she dressed adorable but she has this CONFIDENCE that just shines...

yep... that is them.

So.. we made a simple tote

and honestly... it was much easier than i thought it would be.

We have another class planned for later this month

and i can not wait...

Charlie loved her new little tote...

and when she said Did Nana make this for me?

I loved saying...  Mama did!


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  1. I wanna sew with you! Love the desaturation of colors here, seems you got that figured out pretty quick :)